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Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural mechanization represents the employment of specialized machinery to facilitate and expedite agricultural processes. By increasing efficiency and assuring superior product quality, Lotus provides 15 diverse mechanization services tailored to our clients’ distinct needs. These range from cultivation and harvesting to our most recent addition, cleaning services. The latter involves meticulous removal of impurities from harvested products prior to delivery, guaranteeing an immaculate end product.

Agricultural Supervision

We extend our expertise in the realm of agricultural supervision, overseeing and optimizing other companies’ agricultural operations to enhance their overall efficiency and effectiveness. However, this service sector is not projected to constitute a significant contribution to our operations in the upcoming years.

Agricultural Partnerships

In 2018, we were privileged to receive a 1000-feddan plot of land in El Dabaa’s “Mostakbal Misr” Project as a usufruct. Our exceptional performance on this project drew numerous clients to form partnerships with us for cultivating and developing their land. This domain constituted a significant portion of Lotus’ activities for several years. 

Retailing Activities

A burgeoning revenue stream at Lotus is the trade of corn silage. Our focus is on both local and international sales. With the recent acquisition of land in Dakhla, we plan to boost our silage production during off-peak seasons. This approach leverages the reduced labor and machinery time associated with corn silage production, offering a competitive edge compared to other forages.

Agricultural Crops and Fruits

This sector involves the cultivation, harvest, and sale of products on both a local and international scale. This business line was inaugurated in 2019 with initial contracts with Nile Sugar and Canal Sugar, supplying them with sugar beetroot. Over time, we’ve cultivated an extensive skillset and built a significant track record with top-tier sugar processing companies in Egypt. Our clientele includes renowned names like Nubaria, Delta, and Fayoum for sugar. After the award of a 3000-feddan plot in El Dakhla, this sector is expected to be the primary revenue driver for Lotus.

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