Our product portfolio

Our product portfolio encompasses baled corn silage, fresh chopped corn, sugar beet pulp, and alfalfa. Our silage is crafted from specially selected yellow corn hybrids to ensure the provision of high-quality feed. Additionally, we process cereals — the principal crop in temperate countries — into flour for various food products, including bread, pasta, and pastries.
As an authority in the export of sugar beet pulp pellets, we offer a flexible packaging solution, accommodating 50 KG and 1-ton bag options. We also supply blends of top-tier corn silage and varying ratios of superior alfalfa hay, facilitating the production of balanced, high-quality forages.
At Lotus Agri Capital, our commitment is twofold: fostering innovation in agricultural solutions and contributing to the sustainable progression of the industry. We stand poised to cultivate the future of agriculture, one successful harvest at a time.


To Provide The Highest Quality Products and Services.

Established in 2011 by a cadre of dynamic entrepreneurs with diverse expertise, Lotus Agri Capital is a unique blend of advanced agricultural acumen, livestock breeding proficiency, and investment banking insight. Our founders leveraged over 12 years of experience in agriculture, animal feed production, and livestock breeding to forge a robust and well-structured organization.

Specializing in the acquisition, cultivation, and reclamation of various land types, our focus extends to the initiation of productive livestock ventures. Utilizing innovative technologies, our business model transforms barren lands into fertile, productive agricultural terrains, setting the stage for thriving integrated communities.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive suite of supply solutions to livestock producers worldwide, from meticulous cattle breeding to specialized, high-value animal feed. We proudly serve esteemed clients ranging from Kiryazi Farms and El Ain el Sokhna Farms Diaries, to international clientele spanning Spain, Italy, Morocco, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Agricultural production in a sustainable way

A wide range of agricultural, livestock, and poultry production services, both to our own company and to other clients. We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can help you with all aspects of your agricultural production, from planning and development to day-to-day operations. We also offer technical consultancy services in a variety of areas, including crop production, animal husbandry, and pest and disease management.

Alaa Eldin Yehia Atwa

Chairman Message

Future Plans

Lotus is looking to achieve its business plan through listing the company’s shares on the SMEs stock exchange with a plan to make the jump to the main market (EGX) very soon through a capital increase. This should be the first of a series of capital increases over the next few years with the goal of becoming the top agricultural players in Egypt. Post 2025 the company has initial plans to set-up a packaging factory for the Mejdool dates produced from their land in Dakhla along with a refrigerating area for storage.

Board of Directors

Lotus have formulated a flexible business model with a focus on the strategic commodities such as Sugar, Wheat, Potatoes, Corn to mitigate the risks associated with the seasonality of the agricultural sector.

MG. Aladdin Yahya

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Ayman El Abd

Managing Director

Dr. Hashem El Sayed

Independent Board Member

Mr. Adham El Abd

Vice Chairman

Dr. Abdelhady El Qasby

Independent Board Member

Dr. Ahmed Darwish

Independent Board Member

Mrs. Hebatuallah El Abd

Board Member & IR Manager

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